Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, US, has opened a new concourse in Terminal 4, its first since 2003.

The new concourse G replaces the existing concourse H.

Concourse G sports an expanded 34,000ft² concession area featuring new restaurants and shops along with an improved duty free store, in addition to new restrooms, expanded seating and an interactive walkway art project.

Construction of the concourse forms part of the airport’s larger $450m plan to expand terminal 4, The Sun Sentinel reported.

Apart from the new concourse, the project also covers the construction of a bigger arrivals area and a secure walkway to connect terminals 3 and 4. The works are expected to be completed in 2016.

The connector will allow international passengers to travel between terminals to catch connecting flights while undergoing a single security check.

The airport is implementing the project in two phases while continuing to operate normally, so as to minimise disruptions.

Terminal 4, which operates Spirit, JetBlue and other foreign carriers, also is also set to receive four additional gates, bringing the total number of gates to 14.

The terminal will also feature an expanded Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint.