Regina Internationa airport

Canada’s Regina International Airport has closed its main runway after an aircraft crash.

Reports emerged that a twin engine aircraft experienced a landing gear failure while attempting to land on the main runway on 17 October. The aircraft was carrying two people aboard.

However, the reports suggest that neither of them were injured, while the extent of damage to the aircraft was not immediately known.

In order to remove the destroyed plane, the airport temporarily closed the main runway, and has been using its secondary runway since then, according to CBC News.

Officials have warned the airlines and passengers of the potential delays that may be experienced until the main runway reopens, with no date for this announced.

"Officials have denied that the closure has affected regular flight operations at the airport."

However, officials have denied that the closure has affected regular flight operations at the airport. The damaged plane was cleared by around 5pm on Saturday.

Regina International has two intersecting runways. The 7,900ft-long Runway 13-31 is the primary runway and has a pavement load rating (PLR) of 11 and was renovated in 1992.

With a full-length parallel taxiway and five exits, it is certified to 4C precision standards and is equipped with a category I instrument landing system together with high-intensity approach lighting for low-visibility operations.

The 6,200ft-long secondary runway is also certified to 4C non-precision standards. There is no taxiway on the west half, requiring aircraft to taxi on the runway. It has a PLR of 11.

Image: Regina International Airport, Canada. Photo: courtesy of Crhiles.