The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior has opened automated border control (ABC) eGates at Varna and Burgas International Airports to ease congestion at passenger screening counters.

Powered by Vision-Box’s vb i-match technology, the eGates will allow passengers’ passports to be verified automatically in a few seconds.

In order to avail of the facility, the passengers need to be more than 18 years old, hold electronically readable documents and should be the citizens of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland.

The eGates verify if the passport is authentic, if the person is the real passport holder and is eligible to travel.

The technology works through facial recognition of the passenger. Fingerprint identification is planned to be introduced soon.

"It is imperative to embrace new technologies that concede the traveller more control and better convenience during his journey."

According to Vision-Box, vb i-match captures their facial image, according to international quality standards, and the process takes only a few seconds.

The process is controlled remotely by the authorities concerned, who can interfere in the event of any anomalies.

The ABC system will provide the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior with a self-integrated software platform that includes document authentication and biometric verification, and an advanced passenger monitoring application.

Vision-Box global business development, sales and marketing director Jean-François Lennon said: "In modern airports like Varna and Burgas, it is imperative to embrace new technologies that concede the traveller more control and better convenience during his journey, while delivering the most efficient and effective tools to the border control authorities to increase their capacity.

"Vision-Box vb i-match 5 offers a complete passenger experience package, combining intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with instructional animations and quick, proactive adjustments to each traveller, which will make security processes less time-consuming and the Bulgarian Airports more welcoming and attractive for travellers."

The technology is in place at various international airports, including Sao Paulo International Airport in Brazil, Hamad International Airport in Qatar and Lisbon International Airport in Portugal.

Image: Vision-Box eGates at Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Photo: courtesy of Vision-Box / PR Newswire.