Munich Airport (MUC) has commenced renovation work on the central security checkpoint at Terminal 2 in an effort to modernise it.

The work, which is undertaken to equip the airport’s security checkpoint with state-of-the-art technology, is slated to complete in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Following the renovation, the checkpoint will feature lanes with innovative technology to process passengers.

In the week commencing 12 December 2022, Lufthansa’s Service Center on Departures at Level 04 will be dismantled to create space.

Lufthansa will open a new service centre in the southern part of the check-in level.

Passengers will be redirected during the renovation phase beginning January 2023. Furthermore, the count of screening lanes is also expected to be reduced at times.

Following the completion of the work, passengers will stand to benefit from a total of 15 new security screening lanes.

Special CT scanners will also be installed by the Southern Air Office of the regional government of Upper Bavaria, the entity responsible for passenger checkpoints at this airport.

Besides carrying out checks on all items of carry-on baggage for solid and liquid explosives, the new CT scanners will offer a three-dimensional view of each item in the baggage on a screen to benefit the screening staff.

As a result of these new CT scanners, electronic devices and liquids need not be removed from passengers’ baggage.

Furthermore, all personal items can be placed in large trays at the four preparation points of each lane, and a long output conveyor will return the items to passengers.

Due to the modern screening lanes, the passenger flow per screening lane can be boosted significantly as against the conventional screening lanes.

The central passenger checkpoint at Terminal 2 is being equipped with the new technology under six construction phases.

Meanwhile, upgrading the first three screening lanes at Terminal 1 will start in the first quarter of 2023.

Munich Airport expects to become the first airport in Germany to be almost completely equipped with new security technology and screening lanes convenient for passengers.