UK-based i6 group and Menzies Aviation have extended their five-year relationship and expanded their reach to four more airports in England in order to deliver innovative fuel management technologies.

Fusion6, an into-plane refuelling technology and Reconcile6, a gasoline inventory management platform, are amongst the technologies being installed within the collaboration with Menzies.

They provide a variety of benefits, including reduced operational costs, improved safety and real-time fuelling information and fuel management.

The distinctive Fusion6 platform integrates real-time data from airports and airlines, allowing for a complete remote view of ground fuelling operations and guaranteeing the refueller is always in the right location at the right time.

Menzies Aviation SVP of fuels Marco di Mario emphasised how the i6 technology has aided Menzies in expanding its reach: “i6 has proved to be an excellent solution for our fuel operations in the UK and we are very excited to increase the number of locations in this region.”

Furthermore, Menzies Aviation is setting the benchmark for safe and efficient aviation services by committing to reporting on SASB/TCFD requirements and guaranteeing complete compliance with ESG standards across the aviation sector.

This coalition aligns with Menzies Aviation’s partnership with the UN Global Compact Network UK, an organisation which aims at promoting charitable sustainable development, relieving poverty and protecting the environment.

Reconcile6 is used to track the movement of fuel across the airport supply chain, offering real-time inventory management, fuel stock accounting and reconciliation.

According to a case study on i6 technology by British Airways at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), BA was able to greatly boost its efficient operations, with a 50% increase in refuelling efficiency.

Di Mario added: “Airline and energy suppliers at locations with i6 technology will also be able to access eHandshake and Perspective6 from i6 Group. eHandshake offers real-time refuelling connectivity for into-plane operators and airlines, while Perspective6 provides a real-time view of global airline and supplier information with advanced reporting.

Furthermore, Menzies Aviation has stated that the i6 technology allows fuel suppliers and airlines to manage their supply chains more effectively, collect data from anywhere and uncover additional fuel reductions.

CEO of i6 Group Steve Uhrmacher emphasised how its technologies are defining the aviation industry: “Our solutions provide real-time inventory management, cloud-based into-plane refuelling and paperless communication between refueller and pilots. The aviation industry can now take advantage of these technologies and fully digitise fuelling operations to optimise operational efficiency and fuel usage.”