Narita International Airport has decided to reopen one of its two runways, which was closed in April due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2,500m-long Runway B will be opened on 22 July.

The airport operator made the decision to shut down the runway due to the decreased number of international and domestic flight passengers.

The Japanese Government lifted the state of emergency caused by the health crisis in May, following which low-cost carriers resumed domestic flight operations in a gradual manner.

The airport is reopening the runway to meet the higher influx of domestic passengers during the four-day holiday and the Bon summer holiday period in August, stated Japan Times.

In January last year, Narita International Airport announced plans to extend the operational hours of one of its runways for landings and take-offs to boost operational efficiency.

A formal agreement was signed by the nine municipalities, the infrastructure ministry and Narita International Airport on the extension of hours for the 4,000m runway.

Japan Times reported that runway hours will be extended to midnight on the main runway from October.

In 2018, a third runway was planned to built at Narita International Airport to meet growing passenger traffic.

The airport currently has two runways, namely the 4,000m-long A Runway and 2,500m-long B Runway.

Set to be completed by 2028, the C Runway will be 3,500m-long and is planned to be constructed in parallel with the other two runways.