Operations at the Damascus International Airport in Syria were affected briefly after a missile attack by Israeli armed forces.

The Syrian army said that the missile struck the airport after Sunday midnight, which damaged the property and also killed two of its soldiers, as well as two others.

Syrian Ministry of Transport said that the repair works at the airport were underway immediately and some of the flights also started their operations on Monday, according to The Associated Press report.

According to the Syrian state TV report, the private Cham Wings resumed flights at the airport.

Israel is said to have been targeting Syrian airports and ports as part of their attempt to prevent arms shipments from Iran to militant groups supported by Tehran, according to the news agency.

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the runway used by the civilian planes has been restored, but the runway used by the cargo planes is still out of service.

The attack on Damascus Airport is said to be the second within a span of seven months.

Previously, the airport was attacked by Israeli forces in June 2022. The airport infrastructure and the runway strip were subsequently damaged.

However, the airport was reopened by the authorities two weeks later.

Last September, Israel also conducted airstrikes on an international airport in the northern city of Aleppo.

The airport was out of service for several days after the attack.