Air transport IT specialist SITA has deployed its digital passenger processing technology at Geneva Airport, Switzerland in order to streamline operations.

SITA installed self-service touchpoints at check-in, bag drop, and security points to reduce passengers’ wait times.

In addition to passengers, the staff will also benefit from the new Airport Operations System (AOS), which has been designed to optimise operational processes as well as support exchange of real-time information.

The investment forms part of a broader overhaul, which looks to enhance passenger experience as well as prepare the airport for future demands.

Geneva Airport CEO André Schneider said: “The investment in our terminal infrastructure is as much about the requirements for a new automated and more digitalised passenger journey today as it is about preparing for future requirements.

“It’s an exciting time for Geneva Airport, and we have a strong partner in SITA to support us on this journey.”

SITA plans to deliver 15 Smart Path Scan as well as Fly Mini self-bag drop units and 30 Smart Path TS6 kiosks with payment functionality by next year summer.

Geneva Airport will also be the first to incorporate SITA’s common-use payment tool featuring the point-to-point encryption (P2PE) certification.

This will allow passengers to make payments for additional services such as excess baggage or ski allowances during the self-bag drop process in a secure way, noted the technology firm.

Besides, long haul travellers can utilise SITA’s Smart Path boarding gates, where they just have to scan their mobile to board the airplane.

SITA Europe president Sergio Colella said: “Geneva Airport has underlined its commitment to delivering a seamless passenger journey with SITA.

“By leveraging the latest self-service technologies and harnessing the power of data, Geneva is increasing its capacity and taking the airport experience to the next level, improving customer satisfaction, shortening queues, and reducing costs.”