Frankfurt Airport (Fraport) in Germany has collaborated with SITA and NEC to offer a biometric passenger processing solution across all its terminals.

Under the alliance, SITA will deploy its Smart Path technology, which will be linked to NEC’s I:Delight digital identity management platform.

The project integrates day of travel enrolment, Star Alliance Biometrics, as well as additional biometric hubs under the SITA Smart Path platform umbrella.

SITA Europe president Sergio Colella said: “We are delighted to be working with key industry players to bring the benefits of biometric technology to passengers everywhere.

“With this implementation, Fraport is leading the industry in responding to shifting passenger demands for greater autonomy and convenience, while helping to maximise operational efficiencies.”

Starting later this year, Frankfurt Airport passengers will be able to use the technology to pass from check-in to boarding by scanning their faces at the airport’s biometric touchpoints.

The biometric technology will be available to all interested airlines operating at the airport.

Fraport executive board member and Aviation & Infrastructure executive director Dr Pierre Dominique Prümm said: “Emerging from the pandemic, passengers are embracing technology to boost efficiency and place them in control of their travel.

“We are extremely excited to be able to transform the experience for all our passengers across all terminals and carriers with one simple, intuitive solution.

“We also value that SITA and NEC’s innovative technology allows our infrastructure to be truly future-proof, with the capacity to grow with us as industry demands and travel patterns shift.”

Fraport added that travellers not willing to use the technology can check in through a traditional check-in counter.