Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in the US has announced that the Aviation Department has established an internal Experience Recovery Team to recommend safety measures at the airport.

These measures are expected to increase safety at the airport after the demand increases and to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the airport.

The airport is implementing measures to ensure that it is safe and clean for passengers and employees.

It is adhering to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Mecklenburg County Health Department.

The Aviation Department has installed plastic screens at the work areas that are employee- and public-facing such as the hourly parking exit booths, the airport information services counter, lost and found, and the credentialing office.

The security screening checkpoints at the airport were consolidated due to reduced passenger numbers. The Checkpoints A, C and E are closed while B and D are open.

Checkpoints B and D also offer TSA Pre-P.

The airport and housekeeping staff have increased the cleaning of the terminal and are focusing on high-touch points such as seats, handrails and restrooms.

The airport also uses the electrostatic spray and cleaning solutions that the CDC and manufactures have recommended to tackle the coronavirus.

CLT Airport added: “We have adjusted our parking so customers and airport employees are closer to the terminal and can walk if they would rather not ride a shuttle bus.

“For those that ride a shuttle bus, please follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and using hand sanitiser whenever soap and water handwashing is not an option. Buses are being cleaned top to bottom at the end of each shift.”

The airport terminal also features CDC guideline messaging on digital boards, additional hand sanitising stations and restrooms stocked with the essentials.

Frontline employees are equipped with face masks, however, the Aviation Department has faced some difficulties in procuring personal protective equipment.