Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO) in Henan Province, China, has opened a new north cargo terminal for business.

The 160,000m² terminal is said to add 600,000t of freight capacity, thereby expanding the airport’s total air cargo capacity to 1.1 million tonnes.

Freight forwarder Dimerco Express stated that it had coordinated with Cathay Pacific on its first flight for the new cargo terminal at the Henan Province hub, reported Air Cargo News.       

The new terminal facilitates automated scanning, weighing and cargo transport within the terminal. It also features robot yard tractors, unmanned forklifts and electronic waybills.

The facility also includes a large cold chain area and a new customs inspection area, as well as 101 shipping docks.

Dimerco was quoted by the publication as saying: “The Zhengzhou Terminal has been growing in importance as China’s Central Plains area continues to open up to more manufacturing and trade activity.

“Development of the Airport is a strategic priority for the Chinese government, which will invest CYR4.9bn over the next decade to expand passenger and cargo capacity.”

Zhengzhou airport is anticipated to include five runways and three cargo zones by 2035.

The airport is also expected to have the capacity to serve 100 million passengers and five million tonnes of cargo per annum by that time.

The government in China looks to spend $712m for 1.7 billion square feet of cargo infrastructure, which covers 754 million square feet for the North Cargo Terminal.