Brazilian airline Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Azul) has installed SITA’s Cloud-based flight tracking and weather data solution called eWAS Dispatch.

This technology has been designed to provide a real-time view of every aircraft’s location along with live and upcoming weather risks.

SITA claims that this solution will enhance efficiency in operations, climate resiliency and safety while reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption costs.

Azul Engineering and Flight Dispatch manager Diogo Youssef said: “We are operating in a region impacted by extreme weather.

“We selected SITA eWAS Dispatch because it provides superior aviation weather data and next-generation flight tracking to help build our resiliency to weather events while improving operational efficiencies and reducing emissions.”

In addition, the eWAS Dispatch system has an early warning system for offering alerts on potential weather issues.

According to SITA’s estimates, the system has the potential to save nearly $600,000 in avoiding only one weather incident.

Furthermore, the flight replanning feature could help Azul save around 153tpa of fuel and 488tpa of carbon emissions.

This supports the Brazilian airline’s 2045 net-zero target, which is five years before the aviation sector’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions objective.

SITA Aircraft CEO Yann Cabaret said: “We’re providing and developing best-in-class solutions that help address the challenges facing our industry today and tomorrow.

“Real-time data flow is key to helping airlines like Azul adapt to changing environments and support better decision-making for more resilient and sustainable flight operations.”

Earlier this month, SITA collaborated with Versa Networks to introduce its Connect Go technology, designed to serve the air transport sector.