Air Greenland flights servicing the route between Søndre Strømfjord/Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen Airport will now use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The development comes as a result of a new SAF supply agreement between Air Greenland and DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark.

The agreement means that Air Greenland will use SAF to constitute approximately 5% of fuel consumption along the route to and from Copenhagen in 2023, currently higher than any other flight route in Denmark.

“With the replacement of our Atlantic aircraft for an A330-800 neo, we took another important step in the green transition of aviation in December,” said Air Greenland CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen.

“Now, we also commit to using up to 5% of SAF on our flights to and from Copenhagen. The combined impact of the SAF and our new aircraft fleet will reduce our CO2 emissions.”

Air Greenland is introducing SAF into its flight operations ahead of the forthcoming European Union mandates, at a higher level than they will initially require, and on a voluntary basis.

“In light of the fact that the European Union is discussing a SAF mandate starting at 2% in 2025, it is a really big step that we are now taking with Air Greenland,” said Ulrik V. Brendstrup, CEO of DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark.

“It is by far the largest SAF supply agreement, in terms of fuel proportions, that we have ever signed.”

Earlier this week, Shell Aviation announced a new agreement with US carrier JetBlue to bring up to 15 million gallons of additional SAF supplies to Los Angeles International Airport.