RAM Analysis on Floating Production storage and Offloading Vessels

The demand for energy extends the exploration and production of oil and gas to increasingly remote and harsh environments. The Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSOs) are the most effective option for the processing and storage of oil and gas in challenging environments. An important factor for choosing an FPSO as a solution is the feasibility to operate in remote and smaller fields. During all stages of the project lifecycle a number of questions must be answered to ensure the best performance:

  • What is the production efficiency for the designated base case?
  • How does production efficiency vary for the alternate scenarios?
  • What is the optimum redundancy for critical systems?
  • What is the impact of maintenance and logistics issues?
  • What is the impact of operational flexibility (e.g. linepack)?
  • What is the incremental NPV for the alternate scenarios against the base case?

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