The multifunctional smartTOUCH keyboard provides almost unlimited functionality and an intuitive user interface for the optimum operation of the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM.

It allows users to access, control and share a virtually unlimited number of workstations and screens with just one mouse and keyboard. The touch screen can be used to stream video or quickly execute application inputs. Due to its modular architecture, the smartTOUCH can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of specific control rooms.

The touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface to work with diverse systems. It displays all sources and monitors. Available sources are indicated in green, occupied sources in red and view-only sources in white. Sources are easily selected and assigned to monitors and video walls. Toggling between sources is simple using tabs.

Up to two movable and scalable windows from any two IP Remote stream sources can be activated, displayed and operated on the touchscreen. These can be video streams or other applications.

Workflows can be optimised with different keypads. The most important commands and key combinations can be assigned to physical keys. In addition to standard keypads from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, customised keypads with made-to-order keys (size, position, colour and labelling) are also available.

A quick ejection mechanism releases the keyboard inlay from the housing unit so that users who share desks can still work on their personal keyboards. Hygienic working conditions are thus guaranteed. The keyboard inlay is available for different countries and languages.

The smartTOUCH has built-in high-quality stereo speakers, eliminating the need for external speakers at the desk. Additionally, a microphone, headphones or USB headset can be connected to the keyboard.

Built-in light sensors automatically adjust the brightness of the screen and motion sensors detect the presence of the user. If a user is not at his or her workplace, the keyboard is automatically set to idle mode; when they return, it automatically switches back to standby mode.

EK Light multifunctional keyboard

The EK Light keyboard provides an intuitive user interface to control multiple workstations with a single keyboard and mouse. It is highly flexible and can be extended and adapted to meet specific requirements.  Individual customisation options increase working efficiency and also enable usability in switched KVM environments.

It provides access to up to 4 workstations with a single keyboard and mouse. The EK Light is modular in design and can be adapted to individual user, hardware and software requirements. All platforms are supported and customer-specific accessories can be integrated to optimize business processes.

The EK Light keyboard is available for different countries and languages.

USB Deskswitch

The USB Deskswitch is a KVM switch that enables users to control all the computers at their desk using a single keyboard and mouse. Operators and traders enjoy a fully-integrated environment with intuitive switching between different sources by moving the mouse cursor across the border of a screen. Add extra functionality with value-added Network Copy-Paste software.