Monitoring and Control Systems for Airports

Kvapilova 2133,
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Czech Republic

TRANSCON specialises in electronic dispatching, monitoring and control systems for airports. The main element of the company’s production program is electronic and electric equipment. TRANSCON offers ‘turnkey’ airport equipment supplies including planning, development, production, installation, training, and non-stop servicing.

Well before the conclusion of the contract we offer direct consultation at the customer’s airport. In the course of project processing we prepare a demonstration version and only after its approval by the customer do we install the final version. The company is equipped with a training centre, enabling the real-time simulation of airport operation using the AMS-1 system, which is helpful for training personnel.

TRANSCON worldwide supplier

The equipment is certified in accordance with the ICAO, FAA and MAK and has successfully passed military testing as well. More than 20 military and civil airports in the former Czechoslovakia, as well as in several European, Asian and Latin American countries (including the former USSR, Germany and Mongolia) are equipped with TRANSCON products.

All equipment is designed on the basis of state-of-the-art construction parts available all over the world. All documentation, voice outputs and descriptions are presented in the customer’s own language. TRANSCON offers the training of specialists for servicing or assembly in the customer’s country. The supplied systems are modular, so it is possible to complete and enlarge them gradually.

TRANSCON airport services

The company’s produces:

  • The AMS integrated universal control and monitoring system for all types, sizes and categories of airports
  • The central monitoring system (CMS) for airport networks
  • Constant current regulators for supplying runway signal lighting power
  • Complete mobile airport and heliport sets in containers
  • Containers as substations with regulators, including switchboards and protection
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Complete equipment for heliports and small private airports
  • Dispatcher tables for towers and technical rooms, including relevant equipment
  • GPS exact time satellite
  • AFTN equipment
  • TV industry computer networks
  • Meteorological equipment
  • Transmitters and receivers for voice radio-communication
  • Back-up power supplies (diesel-electric generator sets and UPS)
Airport management system (AMS)

The AMS system is controlled by a LAN microcomputer network situated at dispatcher posts and in technical sections. For communication with the technological section, the system is equipped with a multiple transmission system – DAP 128TC, with minimum cable consumption, high resistance against industrial interference and high reliability. By means of remote data transmission, the system allows for the monitoring and control of devices within the airport range as well as of distant objects (such as radar stations). The system respects the regulations of national airlines’ inspection and air traffic control, and it has the ICAO Annex 14 certificate.

The AMS system monitors and controls important airport devices, including:

  • Runway and taxiway signal lights and safety devices
  • Radio navigation systems
  • Power engineering equipment
  • Meteorological devices
  • Protective zones
  • Emergency procedures in extraordinary and dangerous situations
  • Traffic conditions in all categories of visibility ICAO
  • Distant objects
  • Surge protector blocks
  • Fire signalling
  • UPS
Mobile airport

TRANSCON offers a complete mobile airport set. Individual modules, which are designed for easy and quick installation, are normalised ISO containers (dimensions 6,050mm x 2,435mm x 2,591mm). Containers are equipped with air-conditioning, lighting and fire extinguishers. They can be transported by usual transport equipment (truck, train and ship) as for any other ISO container. Colour execution is red-white for civil airports or camouflage for military airports.

The six parts which make up the mobile airport are the tower (TCT), briefing (TCB), substation (TCS), lighting (TCL), diesel (TCD) and material (TCM) modules. The mobile airport offers a computerised control and monitoring system, comprising of:

  • Complete airfield lighting system with CCRs
  • Meteorological equipment and data
  • Radio-navigation equipment
  • Voice recording
  • Briefing and relaxation areas
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electric power systems
  • Spare and back-up power supplies
  • Fire and safety alerting
  • The AFTN network
  • GPS time
  • Data archiving
  • Eight-hour assembly time
TCR system – constant current regulator

The TCR.2 constant current regulator is designed to supply power to the serial current loops of airport signal lights. The regulator complies with the requirements of FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-10E, specification L-829.

The basic TCR.2 specification includes:

  • Thyristor regulation
  • An air cooled transformer
  • The multi-processor control system
  • Digital data input and display
  • The switch-over current system
  • Switch-over regulation 5° or 7° of luminous intensity
  • Measuring and long distance transmission of cable isolation condition
  • Measuring and long distance transmission of defective bulbs number
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection alerting
  • Remote and local control
  • The possibility of remote control via a pair of conductors
  • The accessibility of all the components and connectors from the front
  • Easily replaceable electronic modules


Kvapilova 2133

CZ 738 02 Frydek-Mistek


Czech Republic