Aiming to build and strengthen professional competences within safety critical organisations, Entry Point North introduces its ‘Train the Trainer’ course. It is developed for professionals who are tasked with conducting the delivery of training programmes within their field of competence. The course equips individuals with valuable tools enabling them to perform various duties associated with leading, supervising or managing adults in various training situations.
The ‘Train the Trainer’ course contains advanced human factors subjects such as communication, training management and self-assessment. It has been designed and constructed by a team of trainers with many years of experience in ATM training and is based on modern training philosophy tools and methods, including personal coaching. The delivery of course theory is closely combined with dialogue, practical exercises and role play scenarios, along with debriefing and personal feedback to every participant.
This course compliments the widespread development training courses portfolio offered by Entry Point North:

  • OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor
  • Controller Aviation Training
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Classroom Techniques

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