ATM training

As a breakthrough in air traffic management (ATM) training, Entry Point North is now providing surveillance and on-the-job training (OJT) including final validation on a simulator for helicopter flight information service (HFIS) operators.

The first course was delivered during November-December 2015 and on December 18, 3 participants from an oil production operator, were validated and graduated from the academy in Malmö. Firstly, the HFIS operators were required to successfully complete the initial surveillance training course followed by OJT in the simulators leading to a final endorsement validation supervised by the national regulator.

The entire OJT was performed on the actual simulated airspace designed by Entry Point North experts. The relevant traffic exercises were developed in close cooperation with the client to reflect ‘real life’ as accurately as possible. In order to define the requirements and the regulatory aspects for OJT and validation, the national regulator, the client and Entry Point North have been working closely together for several months.

Entry Point North sales manager Andreas Fredriksson said: "There are obviously several important benefits of using the simulators for OJT."

"It allows for the replication of precise traffic scenarios to incorporate abnormal situations, different weather conditions, traffic volumes and complexities whilst at the same time optimising the OJT quality by reducing time and costs. It also decreases the burden for operators to deal with OJT while handling live traffic, as well being able to minimise safety risk when implementing new equipment".