During February and March ATCOs from National Air Navigation Services Company (NANSC) in Egypt are being provided with top quality Human Factors training by Entry Point North, one of the largest air traffic services academies in Europe. NANSC is responsible for preparing and operating Air Traffic Services, Navigational Aids and Safe guarding Air Navigation Services within the Egyptian Airspace.

In total 8 OJTI and Train the Trainer courses are being given to specialists and operational ATCOs from Egypt. All the courses are held at the academy in Malmoe, Sweden by Entry Point North’s experienced instructors and are based on a recognised modern training philosophy and methodology. The training package also includes accommodation at campus in Malmoe and local transportation.

"We are happy to welcome the participants from Egypt again and we strongly believe, that this agreement on Human Factor training underlines the good and close cooperation between our two organisations," says Peter Kantner, business development manager at Entry Point North.