Airtel ATN, a leading supplier of aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN) software to the international aerospace industry has announced a partnership with Ubitech to jointly provide the aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) and ATN solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

The companies will work together to integrate Airtel ATN’s ATN router and data link software within the Ubitech solution. Ubitech will then pursue and capture the sale of AHMS and ATN products to air navigation service providers (ANSP) and civil aviation authorities (CAA) in Asia.

“Ubitech is excited to combine two industry–leading systems providers in a customised solution,” commented Michael Hoodspith, managing director of Ubitech Systems. “We believe working with Airtel ATN gives our customers maximum value. Not only does Airtel have extensive data link expertise to combine with our AMHS technology, but Airtel ATN’s routers are the only ATN routers deployed operationally with ground-ground, air-ground and airborne customers.”

Ubitech provides advanced technology and services to the aeronautical industry specialising in systems for ATS message handling and aeronautical information management. AMHS is an international civil aviation organisation standard for aeronautical ground-to-ground communications. It enables the transmission of specialised alerts to pilots, flight plans or meteorological Data. The ATN is a highly secure network that allows ground-to-ground, air-to-ground and avionic data sub-networks to interoperate by adopting common interface services and protocols.

CEO at Airtel ATN, Frank O’Connor said: “We partnered with Ubitech because we know that our customers are looking for an integrated and modular solution-set for AMHS and ATN. Ubitech has the technology and the expertise, and we believe that customers in the Asia-Pacific region will benefit from an industry proven AMHS system from Ubitech completely integrated with our ground-to-ground and air-to-ground ATN routers.”