Airtel ATN, a leading supplier of aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) software to the global aerospace industry has announced that it will provide key data link software, avionics test equipment and development services to several US-based companies and research organisations involved in the design and implementation of the federal aviation administration’s (FAA) next generation air transportation system (ATS) programme. Airtel ATN expects the contracts to result in revenue of approximately $1m in 2010. The company is already involved in providing similar products and services to the European Union’s EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ programme.

The news was announced during an economic mission to the US led by Ireland’s Prime Minister, Brian Cowen. Commenting on the deal, Prime Minister Cowen said: “Airtel ATN’s technology exemplifies the kind of sophisticated software that is being pioneered in Ireland and enabling the world’s most advanced industry segments. I commend the company for its innovative products and increasing success in the US market.”

The FAA’s next generation ATS is a comprehensive overhaul of the US airspace system that is intended to make air travel more convenient, safe, secure and dependable. Focused on better data communications, it enables the FAA to track and guide aircraft more precisely and efficiently, decrease fuel consumption, reduce noise and pollution, prevent lengthy flight delays and eliminate accidents. The key to the system’s success will be its ability to ensure that critical data reaches key decision makers when needed.

Airtel ATN’s CEO, Frank O’Connor, credited his company’s extensive experience in the aviation industry for the latest customer wins. “Delivering tangible value to systems integrators in the form of differentiated products that sharpen their competitive edge is at the heart of what we do. These wins, along with our participation in the EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ programme, demonstrate Airtel’s experience and leadership in providing the aerospace industry with the latest in ATN data link technology.”