EDS – ECO Dosage Solution is designed to provide a modern and highly efficient means of mixing water and detergents in cleaning applications. In tests performed, Nilfisk-Advance has been able to prove that EDS – ECO Dosage Solution offers significant cost and time savings as well as more reliable cleaning results. Since the precise dosage of detergent will always be applied, human error in mixing is completely eliminated.

Furthermore, on scrubber/dryers fitted with EDS the detergent is added to the water at the scrub deck, not in the tank. This means that only clean water is ever in the tank, making it unnecessary for it to be emptied or cleaned. This feature significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Whereas manual mixing often gives too much or too little detergent, Nilfisk’s EDS measures the exact amount according to the manufacturer’s recommended dilution ratios. Highly concentrated detergent, such as the disposable Nilfisk EDS Ultra Pack bottles, allow up to 20 water-tank loads of running time before the detergent needs changing. To allow total flexibility in the choice of detergents used, refillable bottles are also available. The convenience of having easy-to-change detergent cartridges makes it fast and simple to meet specific cleaning application needs.

On ECO solution mode, Nilfisk’s scrubber/dryers reduce water consumption by as much as 50%. Nilfisk’s BR 601 model, for example, only uses 1L of water for cleaning as much as 56m².