Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a provider of world-class IP security solutions, announces the release of Omnicast 4.6, the latest version of its advanced IP video surveillance solution. With additional support for new hardware and enriched features like synchronous playback of exported video and disk array failure detection, Omnicast 4.6 provides customers with more flexibility and enhancements designed to make their jobs easier.

Striving to offer customers a wider selection from the latest technologies available on the market, Genetec focused on developing new H.264 camera integrations for this release of Omnicast. Version 4.6 now supports H.264 streams from camera manufacturers including Bosch, Panasonic and Sanyo. By selecting any of the newly supported H.264 cameras, Omnicast 4.6 users can benefit from superior video quality using much less bandwidth than traditional compression formats such as MPEG4.

Another interesting feature for Omnicast 4.6 users is the synchronous playback of exported video. Users who are familiar with synchronous playback in previous versions of Omnicast’s Archive Player know that it allows multiple tiles of archived video to play in synch. This ultimately facilitates investigations when users want to view multiple cameras at the same point in time, on the same screen. With Omnicast 4.6, customers can now benefit from this advanced investigative feature even using exported video as well.

In addition, users can now leverage the enhancements in Omnicast’s Failover Archiver to ensure video is being recorded in the event that a disk is full or corrupted.

Although Omnicast did offer failover archiver services when the network or a server was unavailable, this new version now triggers failover archiving in the event that all disks are full or have completely failed.

“The rapid and impressive developments of technology in the security industry introduce so many more options, and at Genetec, we want to make sure that our customer can benefit from those options,” says Francis Lachance, product manager at Genetec for Omnicast. “The enhancements in Omnicast 4.6 reflect our commitment to always trying to meet the requests from the industry.”