S POWER provides high levels of supply security along with its serviceable, simplified power unit operation.

The Hitzinger S POWER Stack Technology combines active power factor correction with state of the art inverter technology.

The dynamic style of the Hitzinger bridge mounted systems reflects innovation and technological know-how that gives the product its unique, modern look.

The design is based on lightweight construction, and the use of stainless steel supports our general understanding of reduction of total cost of ownership. With our modular housing concept, we maintain our general perception of modularity.


Due to its modularity, the S POWER and the S POWER C can be combined to customer requirement. It can be perfectly aligned to the structural conditions of the passenger boarding bridge.


All critical parts can be reached from the front of the S POWER C and the back of the S POWER. Other parts can be easily accessed from the left and the right side.

Optionally, the S POWER C can be pulled out to make exchanging cables simpler and additional parts accessible from the front. This means maintenance time can be reduced, which reduces costs and downtime of the gate.


The possibility to operate the converter and the cable coil through the power cables increases the usability. This means the time it takes to plug into the airplane is reduced.

The process is made easier because the ground handler does not have to run between the remote control and the plug.


The S POWER can be operated from one remote control panel. This includes all the possibilities like getting the status and errors of both units.

Additionally, all the parameters for the S POWER C, like speed and torque, can be adjusted.