Hitzinger maintains its development with the growing mobility of its customers by offering a mobile 400Hz S POWER supply system.

Optimised voltage quality and superior security of supply coupled with maximum serviceability and simplified ease of use make the mobile S POWER a unit that you can rely on.

Economy, safety and maximum flexibility are the overriding principles.

Aircraft constructors, maintenance contractors, hangar operators and airports put their trust in the proven quality of this mobile design.

From the installation to the permanent application, S POWER sets itself apart with its reliability and its simple operation. Optimal voltage quality at maximum service security and serviceability guarantee power for all types of aircraft.

High Efficiency

The intelligent distribution of the individual stacks and the configuration of the S POWER guarantees high efficiency during turn-down for all load requirements.

Increased Reliability

The plug and play system featured in stack technology enables individual stacks to be easily serviced. In case a stack fails, redundant operation is possible.

High Serviceability

Remote maintenance enables every important operational state to be displayed and parameterised.

Regulation of ventilation and temperature monitoring may also be adjusted. Exact error notification shortens maintenance periods and optimizes service.

User-friendly Controls

The touch panel on the controller features intuitive user guidance. The display is easy to read in bright conditions, it is dust and waterproof, and it is suitable for the most adverse airfield conditions. It can be operated whilst wearing gloves.