JET POWER is the new Hitzinger brand of group power supplies for preparing aircraft providing enhanced efficiency.

The reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) combined with improved environmental and user-friendliness make the JET POWER one of the most innovative ground power units able to meet high-standard requirements.

The JET POWER is a part of the D POWER product range. Development of JET POWER is not only focused on achieving the lowest consumption and sound level, but also on achieving remarkable compactness. This is reflected in the appealing design and ergonomically arranged control panels.

The JET POWER is characterised by its optimised economy, increased efficiency and low noise emissions. Low maintenance and extremely easy servicing and operation complete the profile of this purpose-made development. We ensure optimum power performance.

Optimised economy

With the engine speed lowered to 2,000rpm and in combination with an extremely efficient 400Hz alternator, the JET POWER generator manages to achieve greater economy, particularly as a result of reduced fuel consumption. This leads to lower maintenance costs with extremely low noise emissions.

Increased efficiency

Thanks to the high efficiency of the alternator, independent of the load curve, aircraft can be supplied as economically as possible even under partial load.

Maximum serviceability

The modular arrangement of the switchgear simplifies all service work. A large-size soundproofing enclosure provides optimum access for servicing and maintenance.

Simplified user operation

The touchscreen panel of the control station offers intuitive user navigation. It is easy to read even in strong sunlight, dust-proof and waterproof. It is suitable for use in the most adverse airfield conditions.

The resistive touchscreen is straightforward to use even when gloves are worn. For the occasion that the JET POWER is out of use, a protective cover gives the touchscreen display optimum shelter against weather conditions.