ABB’s System pro E power enclosures and modular, easy-to-assemble electrical distribution boards were selected for a major terminal expansion at Australia’s Darwin International Airport.

Bell Wiggins Electrical, a switchboard builder based in Victoria, Australia, supplied six System pro E power systems for the terminal expansion. The distribution boards were also equipped with ABB low voltage components including Emax and Tmax circuit breakers, direct rotary handles, fuse holders and M2M network analyzers.

With ABB’s System pro E power, Bell Wiggins Electrical was able to offer Darwin International Airport a complete power distribution solution – a modular, easy to assemble electrical distribution board with an extremely sturdy structure thanks to a patented joining system. The System pro E power, designed to integrate with ABB’s low voltage products, is available in linear and scaled versions, which enabled Bell Wiggins to assemble extremely flexible busbar constellations.

“With ABB’s System pro E power, we were able to provide a fully assembled power distribution board that presents best-in-class aesthetics while providing a reduction in assembly time and increase in profitability,” says Wayne Rose, General Manager, Switchboard Division of Bell Wiggins.

Bell Wiggins Electrical was able to meet Darwin International Airport requirement for real-time load analysis with ABB’s M2M network analyzers. The M2M Network Analyzer enables Darwin International Airport to analyze power loads in real time which ensures the efficient operation of equipment by identifying and eliminating energy losses.

Darwin International Airport is Australia’s busiest airport in the Northern Territory. The terminal expansion includes a total of $60 million in upgrades that will double the terminal’s size to 27,000 square meters. ABB’s distribution switchboards will be the power backbone for the terminal’s new facilities such as improved baggage systems, additional lounge facilities and new retail and food outlets.

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people. System pro E power is the new name of ABB’s main distribution boards and replaces the systems formerly known as e.g. ArTu K or TriLine.

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