Cavotec has won contracts with a combined value of approximately €10 million, to supply ground support equipment (GSE) to Phoenix International Airport, Newark International Airport and Rome Fiumicino International Airport.

"The scale of these orders represent a substantial success for Cavotec, and highlight the Group’s proven track-record in supporting airlines and airports reduce operating costs and realise environmental goals," says Cavotec Inet President, Gary Matthews.

"The complexity of these projects — that include systems for the supply of air, electrical power and fuel to aircraft — underscore Cavotec’s extensive experience as a leading systems integrator in the airports sector," adds Bill Hood, Vice President Cavotec Inet.
In the largest of these deals, Cavotec Inet is to supply Pre-conditioned Air (PCA) central systems for installation on approximately 40 US Airways-operated aerobridges at Phoenix International Airport.

The project includes the upgrading of existing PCA central systems and individual PCA systems for each gate. The units will enable flight crews to turn off their aircraft auxiliary engines shortly after arrival at the gate, and connect to airport infrastructure for heated and cooled air.

This will bring down operating costs for US Airways, through reduced fuel use, and have a positive impact on air quality in and around the airport by reducing aircraft emissions. As aircraft engines will be turned off earlier, there will also be a reduction in noise pollution.

Cavotec has also won an order for Preconditioned air and electrical power supply system for installation in a hangar at Newark International Airport. The project includes PCA systems, in-ground pop-up systems, PCA units and associated piping, and 400Hz pop-up units and related components. Cavotec engineers will work closely with the customer to provide on-site support and commissioning.

"We offered our customer a uniquely comprehensive service — from innovative product design and manufacturing, to installation support and start-up. We look forward to continuing our cooperation and building our relationship in the months ahead," says Felix Covarrubias, Vice President of Engineering at Cavotec Inet.

At Rome Fiumicino, the larger of the Italian capital’s two commercial airports, Cavotec is to supply and commission more than 100 complete Cla-Val hydrant valve and Cavotec under hydrant valve assemblies that will be installed inside existing fuel-pit systems.

The units will safely and efficiently fuel all types of aircraft that use the airport, and will replace existing systems that require upgrading. Cavotec Pre-conditioned Air and 400Hz pit systems have been in operation at Rome Fiumicino for a number of years.

Cavotec is a leading system designer and integrator for the global airports sector. Working in close cooperation with airports, airlines and industry bodies, the Group manufactures a diverse range of advanced GSE in use at airports all around the world.