Military aircraft refueller

Suitable for over and under-wing refuelling, Stokota’s military aircraft refueller is assembled on a three-axle truck chassis, adapted for left or right hand traffic, and operated from the driver’s side.

The solution offers a double-circuit electronic and pneumatic back-up system to ensure the safe operation of the unit, even when the electronic system is damaged.

The unit is equipped with two hose reels and all pressure control valves, a MIL-compliant filter / water separator or monitor, and an Alfons Haar PreciFUEL system for refuelling modern aircraft.

Stokota’s military aircraft refuellers comply with JIG, MID, ADR, EI, EN and STANAG regulations. The units offer a tank capacity ranging from 5,000l to 21,000l, and flow rates from 350l/min to 2,500l/min.