Stokota successfully delivered three aircraft refuellers for Poland. The order included two semi-trailers with a capacity of 65,000 litres and one rigid of 22,000 litres.

All vehicles, with a height of 2.9m, have a performance of 2,500l/min through two deck hoses and 1,100l/min through an underwing reel hose. The 22,000l vehicles have a complementary overwing reel hose with a performance of 200l/min. The meter and control system consists of Alfons Haar PreciFUEL combined with a Faudi Aviation filter/water separator.

Stokota offers a complete portfolio of aircraft refuelling vehicles, hydrant carts, hydrant pit cleaner/flushers and GSE. All units are compliant with EN1915, EN12312-5 and JIG and can be made for airside of supplementary for roadside (ADR). Stokota designs and manufactures all tanks in-house from aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel plate to fully equipped tanks.