CANARD Solution Used for ALS Inspection at Charles de Gaulle Airport - Airport Technology
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CANARD Solution Used for ALS Inspection at Charles de Gaulle Airport

CANARD’s smart solution has been used for the inspection of the approach lighting systems (ALS) of runways 26R and 26L at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

On 23 July, personnel from airport maintenance, lighting and operations were present to oversee the inspections and validate the procedure and solution.

The inspection took a little bit more than one hours from entering the airport to leaving the premises, with just 30 minutes of total flight. In that time, both ALS were checked following our procedure to verify parameters like the alignment, lateral coverage, relative intensity and levels of intensity.

Thanks to our app, the technicians were able to monitor the images and data from the drone in real-time. The drone executes the different tasks of the procedure 100% autonomously, with each task specifically designed to verify the different checks required for an ALS:

  • Vertical orientation of lights
  • Detection of lights obstructed or not working
  • Detection of lights of incorrect colour
  • Angular coverage of ALS
  • Relative intensity of lights
  • Levels of intensity

Our procedures and checks are designed according to ICAO and FAA regulations on this matter. Making sure that the reports that our solution generates allow the airport to perform maintenance with compliance.

This marks the fifth night of inspections with CANARD’s smart solution at CDG Airport in a little bit more than a year, totalling 16 PAPI certification reports and two ALS checks. These numbers include the certification of the commissioning of several LED PAPI systems.

CANARD wants to thank Aéroports de Paris (ADP), Charles de Gaulle Airport and all involved personnel for trusting us and helping us deliver another successful inspection.

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