ADEC Technologies Introduces the Observer II People Tracker - Airport Technology
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ADEC Technologies Introduces the Observer II People Tracker

ADEC Technologies today announced the immediate release of the Observer II people tracker. Markus Güntensperger, Product Manager at ADEC Technologies said: "Following the introduction of the Observer One last summer, we are extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of the powerful Observer II people counter and tracker.

"The platform permits installation of larger-scale people tracking projects with great accuracy while protecting each person’s privacy. The Observer II provides the analytics for up to five depth sensors that can be connected via USB, Ethernet or even PoE (power-over-Ethernet)."

The Observer II integrates easily with both other Observer II and Observer One devices to expand the detection zone throughout which counting lines and polygon counting zones can be installed, overlapping adjacent detection zones not only between sensors of the same Observer II, but sensors of any Observer device on the same network, even different types of 3D sensors.

The Observer II supports TOF (time-of-flight) sensors from Mesa Imaging as well as structure light depth sensors from ASUS. More depth sensors will be added as they become available.

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