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Jasleen Mann

How cloud technology can improve baggage handling

Stephan Hirmer, head of end-to-end passenger servicing at Amadeus, explains how the company is improving airport operations through its cloud-based solutions.

How to enhance passenger experience using mobile interfaces  

Airlines rely on IT systems for their operations, but mobile app interfaces are becoming a popular solution. Jasleen Mann finds out how Inflectra is aiding the development of app-centred solutions.

Disrupting private jet chartering using cryptocurrency and AI

Bitlux CEO Kyle Patel shares his perspective on the use of cryptocurrency in the private jet industry and the future of AI.

Helsinki Airport runway renovation to impact aircraft landing directions

The renovation of runway two at Finland’s Helsinki Airport is expected to alter aircraft landing directions but will not impact passenger traffic due to the use of other runways.

Maersk and others transport humanitarian aid to Turkey

Relief goods are transported to Turkey in response to the two earthquakes that struck the country in February.

ZeroAvia to develop liquid hydrogen refuelling infrastructure

The development of this infrastructure supports fueling targets for 2027.

TSA awards up to $1.3bn for airport CT X-ray scanners

The scanners are expected to be deployed across TSA checkpoints this summer.

Middle East DC Aviation Al-Futtaim acquires new aircraft

DC Aviation Al-Futtaim has expanded its fleet with the addition of two new aircraft.

HAV announces DOD funding for hybrid aircraft in the Pacific

Funding has been announced for a hybrid aircraft project set to impact logistics.

Belgrade Airport opens new central processing building

A newly built central section of the terminal has been opened to improve the processing of passengers.