Airport Technology lists the top ten airlines in Africa as measured by number of seats sold, based on GlobalData’s air transportation database.

1. South African Airways SOC

South African Airways SOC is the busiest airline in Africa having sold 5.5 million seats in 2020.

South African Airways SOC (SAA) is an airline company that is engaged in the provision of passenger airline and cargo transport services. The company provides flight services to various destinations in multiple countries across six continents in partnership with SA Express, SA Airlink and its low cost carrier, Mango.

2. EGYPTAIR Holding

With 3.1 million seats sold in 2020, EGYPTAIR Holding is the second busiest airline in Africa.

EGYPTAIR Holding (EgyptAir) offers scheduled passenger and cargo airline services. The company, along with its subsidiaries, offers cargo, ground, aircraft maintenance, duty-free, medical, tourism and in-flight services.

3. Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is the third busiest airline in Africa having sold 3 million seats in 2020.

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is a provider of passenger air transportation services. The company’s service offerings include passenger transportation, check-in, visa information, domestic and international flights operations and management and lounge services.

4. MANGO Airlines (SOC)

With 2.3 million seats sold in 2020, MANGO Airlines (SOC) is the fourth busiest airline in Africa.

MANGO Airlines (SOC) (MANGO Airlines) is a passenger airline company. The company offers services such as online check-in, booking services, flight scheduled information, group bookings, in-flight food and beverages; baggage services, reservation services, and travel insurance.

5. British Airways

British Airways is the fifth busiest airline in Africa having sold 2.1 million seats in 2020.

British Airways (BA), a subsidiary of International Consolidated Airlines Group S. A.

6. Comair

With 1.7 million seats sold in 2020, Comair is the sixth busiest airline in Africa.

Comair (Comair) is an airline operator. The company provides scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international flight services under kulula and British Airways (under license from British Airways International) brands.

7. Tunisair

Tunisair is the seventh busiest airline in Africa having sold 1.4 million seats in 2020.

Tunisair (Tunisair) is a travel service provider that offers airline transportation services. The company’s services comprise online airlines booking, passenger, freight and cargo transportation services.

8. Kenya Airways

With 1.3 million seats sold in 2020, Kenya Airways is the eighth busiest airline in Africa.

Kenya Airways (Kenya Airways) is one of the African airline operators. Kenya Airways is focused on providing both passenger and cargo air transport services.

9. easyJet

easyJet is the ninth busiest airline in Africa having sold 1.1 million seats in 2020.

easyJet (easyJet) is a low-cost airline carrier. The company offers short-haul passenger airline services.

10. Saudi Arabian Airlines

With 0.9 million seats sold in 2020, Saudi Arabian Airlines is the tenth busiest airline in Africa.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) operates airlines for passengers and cargo transportation. The company’s fleet consists of Airbus A320-214, A321 and A330-343; Boeing B777-368ER and B787 aircrafts.


This analysis is drawn from GlobalData’s Air Transportation Database, part of GlobalData’s Travel & Tourism Intelligence Centre.
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