Zaporizhzhya airport’s new passenger terminal will be constructed over a 12,545m2 space. Credit: UE 'Zaporizhzhya International Airport'.
The new passenger terminal will become operational in 2019. Credit: UE 'Zaporizhzhya International Airport'.
Roof of the new passenger terminal building will be installed with stained-glass windows. Credit: “Zaporizhzhya International Airport”.

A new passenger terminal is under construction at Zaporizhzhya International Airport, Ukraine, in order to meet increasing passenger demands.

Zaporizhzhya International Airport is operated by Utility Enterprise and is one of the main gateways serving eastern and south-eastern Ukraine.

The new terminal project requires an investment of UAH530m ($18.9m). The Zaporizhzhya City Council is providing UAH417m ($16m) in funding, which includes UAH350m ($12.46m) for the construction.

Passenger terminal construction began with a ground-breaking ceremony in December 2017, while the opening is expected in late 2019.

New passenger terminal details

The new passenger terminal will have the capacity to accommodate up to 250 international and 150 domestic passengers.

The passenger terminal complex will be constructed over 12,545m², in accordance with the European standards. The terminal’s façade will be fitted with stained-glass windows, while thermal insulation is applied on the roof.

The terminal will be equipped with all required infrastructure intended to improve service for passengers. It will feature elevators, escalators, and jet ways designed to enhance passenger comfort. New parking lots will be constructed near the terminal.

A lift will be installed within the complex for passengers with limited mobility.

Other developments at the airport

Utility Enterprise will reconstruct the runway and modernise the runway lighting system to improve safety. Perimeter fences and a video surveillance system will be added to further enhance safety at the airport.

Existing equipment and ground infrastructure are also being modernised.

Furthermore, the airport operator intends to increase the number of partner air carriers, as well as the airport’s co-operation with low-cost airlines, to pave the way for the development of regional Ukrainian airports.

Finally, it plans to develop an air transport route network and expand the geographic coverage of the flights.

Construction details

All structures of the terminal’s frame and roof have been completed. Auxiliary structures, including transformer substation, gas boiler and water and drainage networks, are completed too.

Meanwhile, interior works, including the installation of stairs and elevator shafts and the internal networks of rain and household sewage, are underway.

Amenities at Zaporizhzhya International Airport

The airport features a hotel on the third floor of the terminal building with seven twin rooms, three single rooms, and two-bedroom suites. It offers free Wi-Fi for all guests.

“Zaporizhzhya International Airport is operated by Utility Enterprise and is one of the main gateways serving eastern and south-eastern Ukraine.”

The duty-free shop on the second floor of the building offers a wide range of international and Ukrainian brands. It features two cash machines of PRIVATBANK and Ukrgazbank, as well as two point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

A hall lounge is situated near the terminal building, where the passengers can relax before flight departure. It is equipped with armchairs, free Wi-Fi and a left-luggage area. The airport also has a business lounge with a conference hall and free Wi-Fi.

The Aerobar Café that runs 24/7 offers a variety of dishes and a wide range of spirits and soft beverages.

The airport features a police station, first-aid post, and a luggage wrapping station. Free parking spaces on the premises are available.

A lost-and-found baggage service is located towards the right of the National Police Department at the airport.

Contractors involved

Altis Construction won the tender to execute the construction work of the new passenger terminal at Zaporizhzhya International Airport.

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