Batumi International Airport is operated by TAV Airports. Credit: TAV Airports Holding Co.
The new terminal at Batumi International Airport doubled its passenger capacity. Credit: TAV Airports Holding Co.
The new terminal at the international airport was opened in March 2021. Credit: Government of Georgia.

Batumi International Airport, located 2km south of Batumi, Georgia, opened a new terminal to accommodate the growing passenger traffic in March 2021. It serves as a domestic and international airport for Georgia and north-eastern Turkey.

The new terminal development involved an investment of $17m and employed up to 300 people during construction. The expansion of the airport is expected to boost the tourism sector in Georgia.

Construction work at the airport started in June 2020. The project doubled the airport’s handling capacity to 1.2 million passengers a year. The Batumi International Airport handled 600,000 passengers in 2019.

Batumi International Airport’s New Terminal project details

The project expanded the existing passenger terminal on both landing and departure sides. The overall size of the terminal building area increased from 4,000m² to 8,000m². The airport modernisation project also involved the expansion of the baggage processing area, including the installation of a new conveyor system and an additional baggage carousel.

The number of check-in counters was increased from eight to 14 while border security booths increased from six to 12 in arrivals and six to eight in departures.

The departure area has been added with two bus exits, increasing the number of bus exits for the passengers to six. Other areas that were expanded include the duty-free area, business lounge, and the airport’s parking area.

Batumi International Airport background

The international airport is located in the Georgian Black Sea resort town of Batumi, approximately 20km north-east of Hopa, Turkey. It is also known as Alexander Kartveli Batumi International Airport.

The airport is the first in the region to be used as a shared facility between two countries. TAV Airports has been handling the operations of the Batumi International Airport since May 2007. The airport is served by approximately 30 airline companies.

The air and landside of the airport are surrounded by high mountains on one side and the black sea on the other side. The unique geographical location of the airport restricts its runway capacity.

In June 2012, an open gate system was introduced at the Batumi International Airport to enable the free movement of passengers. State-owned entity United Airports of Georgia, which owns Georgia’s civil airports on behalf of the government, contracted Germany’s TH Airport Consulting in 2019 to conduct a capacity assessment and pre-feasibility study on the future expansion of Batumi International Airport over the next ten years.

Amenities at the airport

The Arrival Terminal has a baggage carousel, and passengers can avail free baggage trolleys provided in the reclaim hall.

The information desk at the centre of the terminal provides passengers information on the layout and facilities of the terminal. Other facilities include a luggage wrapping machine in the departure hall and a lost luggage office in the arrival hall.

Passengers can access taxis outside the exit point of the terminal. A bus stop is available in front of the airport terminal. Café Canteen, a round-the-clock café in the departure hall of the airport offers refreshments such as coffee, tea, sandwiches, and cakes.

TAV Airports’ affiliate ATÜ operates a duty-free store near the passport control area of the airport. A 60m² Primeclass lounge on the first floor can accommodate 60 persons. The airport also houses a medical point in the arrival hall of the terminal and a lost and found office next to the baggage claim area in the arrivals hall.


The car park at the airport can accommodate 100 cars. Equipped with the latest technology, it provides secure parking space for passengers.