The Swift Sensors Wireless Equipment Monitoring Starter Kit contains a wireless vibration sensor, a wireless contact sensor, a wireless voltage sensor, and a gateway to get you up and running with everything you need to start monitoring equipment.

  • SS3-203 Wireless Predictive Vibration Amplitude Sensor
  • SS3-603 Wireless Contact/Switch Sensor
  • SS3-612 Wireless 0-10V DC Voltage Meter
  • SS3-605 Wireless 4-20mA Current Sensor
  • SG3-1010 Gateway

With the starter kit, you can experiment with vibration monitoring to look for signs that your equipment requires service.  Or, using the contact, low voltage, or 4-20mA current sensors, you can monitor signals from equipment controllers, relays, or process monitoring systems to learn when your equipment is running or if it is in service or fault mode.

The gateway receives measurement data from the sensors and transmits it to the Cloud via WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular modem. The gateway uses advanced encryption to protect your data and network.

With the Swift Sensors Cloud-based software, you can view your measurements in real-time, set thresholds to define ranges for normal operation, and configure notifications to alert people when measurements go out of range. You can define a group of users who get alerts based on the severity of the measurement excursion.

A number of airports are using the system to monitor elevators, escalators, moving walks, lift stations, jet bridges, light vaults, and more. Depending on the equipment being monitored, you may need to use an auxiliary relay to indicate whether the signal is high or low. If you have contract maintenance partners, you can send notifications directly to them for immediate response and bypass any steps involving your on-site operations centre.