Air Traffic Control solutions

The day-to-day problems faced by air traffic controllers are challenging especially with airport’s facing rising demand. The industry is calling for different ways of operating aircraft movements and increasing throughput.

With Safegate’s tower solutions, clients get information about the most efficient way from touchdown to gate, receiving full status awareness of equipment, full control over aircraft and vehicle positions and fewer planes waiting at the gate, at holding positions, queuing for take-off or circling in the air for landing.

Acquired by the Safegate Group in 2010, AviBit is a leading provider of next-generation ATC solutions that enhance airspace and airport operations. AviBit focuses not only on the design and development of state of the art software applications for efficient ATC towers, but also on system integration for mission-critical air traffic control systems.

The Safegate Group provides clients with solutions that secure the performance of their airport today and prepares them for future traffic demands.