The metering conveyor is generally used as a queuing conveyor prior to conveyor junctions, merges or places where accumulation or separation is required.

The conveyor is designed to cope with frequent stop/starts.

Whilst the basic design of the conveyor is standard, it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in, belt type, sidewall height, overall length and conveying speed.


Certain good practices have been established, these include:

  • End rollers with special profiled finger guards to eliminate trap points for personnel and product
  • Internal bearings fitted to the tail and take-up rollers to facilitate ease of maintenance
  • Final drive between the gearbox and drive pulley is via a direct shaft mounted gearmotor
  • Cut outs are provided in the conveyor frame to allow for roller to be removed from the side
  • Screw type belt take-up designed to allow adjustment from one side.
  • Flexible design that allows for variations in length up to 2,500mm. The standard metering conveyor is typically 1,200mm long

For more details and specifications, download the product brochure.