Experience the seamless accumulation and manual movement of baggage or products with our Gravity Roller Conveyor. Engineered for non-powered accumulation, this conveyor offers unparalleled flexibility in handling operations. Whether laid flat for manual movement or slightly declined to utilise gravity for a gentle transit, its versatile design caters to various applications.

Key Features

Flexible Configuration: The conveyor’s lightweight yet robust frame facilitates easy manoeuvrability. It features cross bracing at approximately 900mm intervals for added stability, ensuring a secure and rigid structure.

Safety Measures: Equipped with safety edge folds, end stops, and pop-out rollers when interfacing with powered conveyors, our system prioritises safety at every stage of baggage or product transit.

Customisable Length: Individual sections up to 3000mm in length provide adaptability to suit specific operational requirements while side guides on one or both sides enhance precision in product handling.

Construction Quality: Crafted with a 2.5mm mild steel C-shaped channel frame and 50mm diameter galvabond finish rollers with semi-precision bearings, this conveyor ensures durability and efficient operation.

Key parameters:

Between Frame Rails (BFR): Typically set at 1060mm to match standard powered conveyor widths. (1450 BFR with split rollers available for oversize products)

Rollers: 50mm diameter galvabond finish, with semi-precision bearings and spring-loaded hex shafts for easy installation and removal.

Frame: Constructed with 2.5mm mild steel in a C-shaped channel measuring 40mm x 90mm x 40mm, ensuring structural integrity.

Supports: Made from folded mild steel with adjustable threaded rod feed for hassle-free levelling and adjustment.

Finish: Powder-coated frame and leg supports (custom finishes available upon request) add both aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance to the conveyor.


  • At the end of a make-up lateral for accumulation purposes.
  • Manual processing areas allowing operators easy movement of baggage or products.

The Gravity Roller Conveyor redefines efficiency and adaptability in baggage handling. For further technical details, download the Gravity Roller Conveyor brochure, and contact us to speak with our experts for personalised assistance.