The carousel is designed to recirculate baggage on a continuous basis and can be used as an arrivals carousel or a make-up loop.

Whilst the basic design of the conveyor has been standardised it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in height and configuration.


Certain good practices have been established, these include:

  • Sealed for life bearings used throughout to minimise maintenance
  • Caterpillar drive to ensure positive engagement at all times


The conveyor is designed for a live load of 100kg per metre at a speed of 24m per minute. It is designed to withstand a 45kg load dropped from a height of 350mm and to support a person weighing 120kg.

Drive unit

Caterpillar drive unit floor mounted and consists of an electric gearmotor of adequate power. The gearmotor is shaft mounted directly to the drive head shaft. Drive components are adequately sized to suit the live load and speed of the conveyor and are rated for long life, 24 hour per day operation.


The frame is of fabricated construction, having an overall width of 1010mm and a minimum elevation of the conveying surface of 305mm.


No. 304 stainless steel with #4 finish horizontal grain on surfaces exposed to public view. The cladding is designed to fit under the slats to act as a guard and finger protector and provides a clear conveying surface of 1010mm.


Floor type and having vertical adjustment. A sound, reasonably level floor is required for simple installation and fixing.

Toe kick plate

A black painted mild steel kick plate is provided on the floor, set back under the conveyor from the edge of the frame.

Conveying Tread

Consists of crescent-shaped polyurethane-covered K3 timber platforms or 6mm steel plates accurately moulded to maintain correct relationship between segments when negotiating turns.

They are connected together with annular bearings and fitted with 50mm dia guide wheels on the underside for engaging continuous tracks. Carrying wheels continuously support the platforms. The tread is designed to form a flat conveying surface driven from the underside and requiring no take-up. Horizontal curve radius to the centreline of the platform is approximately 900mm or 1,200mm. Standard platform colour is black.


All structural parts are galvanised, plated, or painted prior to assembly.

For more details and specifications, download the product brochure.