Lighting solutions

Airfield lighting (AFL) is a crucial part of day-to-day operations for airports worldwide. Safegate Group has more than 50 years of experience installing airfield lighting at more than 1,000 airports globally.

The company offers the right modern lighting solutions combined with the knowledge to solve runway incursions, limited throughput and maintenance challenges.

SafeLED IQ – the all-in-one revolution

Safegate’s unique SafeLED IQ solution offers innovative possibilities, never before seen in airfield lighting. The SafeLED IQ product range is an advanced lamp fitting in one solid, well-designed unit, including the intelligence essential in futureproofing an airport.
This all-in-one revolution gives clients an AFL system that has a durable and long-lasting lifecycle.

With SafeLED IQ, clients can centrally monitor and control LED applications without any further hardware, ensuring high availability, improved power savings and superior cost-efficiency.

ASP-SafeControl – ILCMS

Safegate Group is a solutions provider for the airport industry. As an AFL industry leader, it has more than 20 years of experience with individual lighting control and monitoring systems (ILCMS), Safegate’s ASP-SafeControl. AFL is a large part of Safegate’s legacy and it continues to be an expanding part of the company’s future.

ASP-SafeControl is an ILCMS that offers a range of benefits for airports. This integrated system enhances safety and efficiency of airport ground operations, while contributing to environmental investments and commitments of the airport. When critical airport areas need maintenance, ASP-SafeControl enables the tower to reroute airport traffic efficiently and safely with more awareness then before. It features proven backwards compatibility and uniquely designed easy-to-install hardware.

Integrated systems such as ASP-SafeControl minimise human error and improve co-ordination in various mission critical airport activities. ASP-SafeControl has much to offer and is but one integrated system in Safegate Group’s suite of solutions that help airports reach the future of aviation.