Threat detection and security screening technology provider Smiths Detection has announced that its dual-view air cargo scanner, HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro, has been included in the ‘qualified’ section of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL).

The scanner was qualified by the TSA under the latest programme requirements to guarantee security of cargo on board aeroplanes.

As TSA’s official guide, the ACSTL directs the regulated parties to procure screening devices and associated trace consumables as per TSA-approved security programmes.

The HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro is a quick and effective inspection system designed for conducting rigorous air cargo screening.

This system features two 200kV X-ray generators, one of which is placed under the conveyor to provide excellent penetration, high-resolution images, and easy access to maintenance and service.

Smiths Detection president Shan Hood said: “We work hard every day to provide technology that both protects people and assets from threats and supports time-critical operations, so we are delighted to receive confirmation that the HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro has been qualified on the TSA ACSTL.

“Due to the majority of air cargo being carried on passenger planes and threats becoming more prevalent and complex, ICAO recommends 100% security screening of consolidated and palletised freight. Through this state-of-the-art screening system, we are able to provide air cargo operators with both confidence and compliance.”

In December, Smiths Detection secured a contract worth more than $4m from TSA for the supply of IONSCAN 500 DT Explosives Trace Detection Systems (ETD) to airports across the US over the next two years. The contract included on-site service maintenance.

Certified on the TSA Qualified Products List for security screening, IONSCAN 500DT uses ion-mobility spectroscopy (IMS) to trace explosives in seconds.