IT provider SITA has partnered with LATAM Airlines Group to install its Scan&Fly self-service bag drop units across 18 airports in five Latin American countries.

SITA has already installed eight kiosks currently in service at Brasilia International Airport in Brazil. The IT firm plans to install another 97 units in other airports over the next few months.

Of the total 105 units, the majority will be installed at airports in Brazil.

The technology enables passengers to check-in their bags within 40 seconds.

LATAM Airlines Group serves nearly 72 million passengers each year. With rising passenger traffic, airports are striving to improve their efficiency with new technologies.

Airports also have to deal with capacity constraints, which result in long queues.

The SITA Scan&Fly can be fitted to existing check-in desks and conveyor belts. This is expected to increase terminal capacity by 60% and decrease operational costs by 40%.

SITA Latin America vice-president Elbson Quadros said: “Passengers prefer to check-in remotely or by kiosk to avoid counter queues. The same logic applies when it comes to dropping their bags: they want the fastest route possible.

“Our self-service bag-drop technology is in use at airports across the world, improving customer satisfaction, shortening queues and reducing costs.”

Last month, Gold Coast Airport extended its existing ten-year baggage and passenger technology partnership with SITA to 2024.

In October, SITA received a five-year contract from Ghana Airports Company to manage key systems across Terminal 3 of Kotoka International Airport.

This September, Thailand’s Krabi International Airport announced plans to introduce SITA’s passenger technology in its domestic and international terminals.