French airport concession holder and operator Vinci Airports has finalised the acquisition of Dominican airport concessionaire Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI, SA (Aerodom).

This acquisition follows the agreement signed by Vinci Airports and Advent International private equity firm last December. Advent acquired Aerodom in September 2008.

Said to be one of the world’s top five leading airport operators, Vinci Airports operates on three continents and serves more than 100 million passengers.

Its airport network includes flights from more than 100 different airlines, with a turnover of €717m.

Aerodom holds a concession contract from the Dominican Government and the Airport Commission to administer, manage and operate six airports in the Dominican Republic, until March 2030.

The six airports include Las Américas International Airport near Santo Domingo, Gregorio Luperón Airport in Puerto, Presidente Juan Bosch and Arroyo Barril airports in Samaná, La Isabela in Santo Domingo, and María Montez in Barahona.

"Vinci Airports operates on three continents and serves more than 100 million passengers."

Las Américas serves Santo Domingo with a total traffic amounting to 3.5 million passengers.

Gregorio Luperón airport in Puerto Plata handles 804,000 passengers, while the remaining four airports serve a total of 202,000 passengers.

Last year, Aerodom airports accounted for 4.5 million passengers, 98% of them international.

On 1 April, Vinci Airports took over operation of Kansai International and Osaka Itami airports in Japan. The Kansai airports handled 38 million passengers in 2015.

Image: Dominican Republic’s Las Américas International airport. Photo: courtesy of VINCI Airports.