A new generation of self-service kiosks, jointly designed by air transport IT provider, SITA and Air France-KLM is now fully operational at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, and Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris.

SITA is deploying a host of 765 new self-service kiosks at 50 airports catering for the 77 million passengers of Air France-KLM.

These kiosks have been deployed at both Air France and KLM hub airports as well as major airports in France and at international outstations.

The kiosks not only provide quick self-service check-in, but also include other features such as ‘chip & pin’ and contactless payment functionalities, which allow passengers to pay for flights, meals and other services.

"However, they also include ‘chip & pin’ payment devices, which allow the airline to extend the range of kiosk services."

The kiosks also enable passengers to print bag tags, with each kiosk equipped with extra storage for tags to enable self-tagging.

Customer service is also enhanced through audio and camera features that enable remote support from airline staff.

They are also designed to provide future services such as check-in and payments using near field communication (NFC).

SITA Europe president Dave Bakker said: "We worked closely with the Air France-KLM team to capture their needs throughout the design process. These SITA kiosks provide the usual check-in services for passengers and are designed to support the growing trend of self bag-tagging.

"However, they also include ‘chip & pin’ payment devices, which allow the airline to extend the range of kiosk services.

"Passengers have shown their preference for using kiosks and this major investment by Air France-KLM will give passengers exactly what they want."

SITA will provide a global 24/7 service management of the kiosks over the next five years.

The service delivered to Air France-KLM marks the delivery of SITA’s 10,000th kiosk to the air transport industry.

The agreement makes SITA the sole provider of kiosks to the Air France-KLM Group.

Air France-KLM Distributed Services IS Group vice president Nicolas Nelson said: "This was a complex project that deserved full attention from SITA and Air France-KLM experts and management. At the end of the day it has proved to be a real success."

Image: SITA is deploying 765 self-service kiosks at 50 airports. Photo: courtesy of SITA.