An unmanned control tower is under testing at Ornskoldsvik Airport in northern Sweden, which is designed to guide commercial aircraft landing in the airport.

The 80ft-tall control tower at the airport is equipped with 14 high-definition cameras, which are housed in a glass bubble, to watch the planes arriving, according to Associated Press.

The cameras send video signals back to the controllers, who are stationed at Sunvsal Airport that is located about 90 miles away from the tower, to guide them.

Designed by Swedish defence and security company Saab, the remote tower technology is being trialled after completing testing for one and half years at the airport in April this year.

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During testing, the new tower technology was put through temperatures ranging from 22 degrees below zero and to up to 122 degrees.

The cameras are kept clean and clear of insects, rain and snow with the help of high pressure air that flows over the windows, reported StarTribune.

Apart from Ornskoldsvik Airport, some airports in Europe and one airport in the US have revealed plans to adopt the new technology.

Currently, Saab is seeking approval for use of remote systems from regulatory authorities in Norway and Australia. The company has also bagged contracts from a Swedish airport and two in Ireland to develop the technology, according to the publication.

According to industry experts, unmanned towers will be initially deployed at small and medium size airports.