A Lufthansa flight carrying 108 passengers on board narrowly escaped from a collision with a drone on its way to Warsaw international airport in Poland on Monday.

Lufthansa Embraer ERJ-195 was travelling from Munich to Warsaw, prior to landing a drone passed in about 300ft distance at 2,500ft altitude.

After detecting the drone, the pilots of the flight reported the incident to Polish Air traffic controllers who managed to redirect the plane’s path at the right time, preventing a possible collision.

The Aviation Herald reported the pilots as saying: "You should take care of your airspace, it is really dangerous."

Polish police and military helicopters went on site and searched for the drone, but it was not found.

The flight continued and landed safely on runway 33 about three minutes after the incident.

Individuals and companies are now extensively using drones for various purposes from filming to product delivery, and the European Union is currently working on new regulations for drones to protect the safety and privacy of its peoples.

The new regulation is expected to be introduced in the autumn as part of the European Commission’s new aviation package.

Germany has already taken steps by prevent the use of drones within 1.5km of airport perimeter fences.

As per the new law, those who want to operate drone in the protected area must request permission from air traffic authorities prior to flying their drone in the region.

Previously, France raised alarm when several drone flights were spotted operating over sensitive sites in Paris, reported Reuters.