Missoula Airport awards construction contracts for south concourse

14 January 2020 (Last Updated January 14th, 2020 14:11)

Missoula International Airport has reportedly awarded two contracts for the construction of the new passenger terminal.

Missoula International Airport in Montana, the US, has reportedly awarded two contracts for the construction of a passenger terminal.

The contracts awarded by Missoula County Airport Authority included a $36m contract for the vertical construction of the south concourse and a $1.7m task order to oversee work during the project’s next phase.

Missoula International Airport director Cris Jensen was quoted by Missoula Current as saying: “We have an incredibly good team with our design team and our contractor. If you had told me it was going to go this smooth prior to the process, I’d say no way possible.”

The bids for the construction works were opened by the airport officials last November. Later, in December, the officials delayed the bid awards, as more time was required to validate the figures.

When the authorities unveiled the initial plans for the construction of the new passenger terminal, the project cost was estimated at $84m. It later came down to $68m through value engineering and a strategic bidding process, the report said.

A&E Missoula project architect Chris Martison said: “We were tasked with pushing $5m or $6m out of a number that was presented earlier by Martel.

“We spent the better part of a couple days and weeks working together collectively to find those opportunities for additional savings. There’s no excess spending in this budget. We feel really comfortable with the number and the project.”

Upon completion in 2022, the south concourse will feature five passenger gates and will offer more space for travellers.

In addition, the terminal will feature new security, an observation point and new amenities such as food and beverage for checked-in passengers.