Finavia has completed a renovation project worth €11m at Jyväskylä Airport, which is located in the centre of the Finnish Lake District about 20km north of Jyväskylä.

Under the renovation project, Finavia asphalted around 300,000m² of runway and the apron utilised for taxiing and parking aircraft.

The airport’s electricity network and instrument landing system was also upgraded during the project.

Finavia replaced the airport lighting system with energy-efficient LED technology and installed 25,000m of new power cables.

Finavia vice-president of Central and Eastern Finland Airports Mari Nurminen said: “It is important for us to reduce the emissions generated by airport operations. All of Finavia’s airports achieved carbon neutrality over a year ago.

“Our goal for the future is zero emissions. It is clear that Finavia’s decision-making puts a priority on sustainable technology choices and environmentally friendly solutions related to airport construction, maintenance and repairs.”

Finavia has invested nearly €15m in Jyväskylä Airport in the past few years. A new maintenance hangar was built for air traffic services and the maintenance equipment has been modernised to run on renewable fuel.

Finavia is a Finnish airport operator that allows smooth international flight connections via its national airport network.

The company is investing €1bn in the development of Helsinki Airport. The expansion will enable the airport to serve 30 million passengers each year.

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Finavia took several measures to maintain health and safety at its airports.